Tuesday, April 7

Things To Do When You Just Don't Want To Bake Banana Bread Anymore

Hi everyone - how are you holding up? I've had an influx of new followers recently which says to me there are a lot of people at home right now looking for things to do! Like it or lump it, we're all in this together at the moment, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring with my picks for some things to do to help keep away cobwebs.

Like you probably have, I've been scouring social media at the moment for inspiration and distraction. One piece of advice that has helped me a lot has come from one of my favourite Illustrators Holly Exley, who I love for always being on hand with a reality check - whether that's pricing jobs for clients or watching your environmental footprint. Anyway, she's been firmly in the camp of those saying that you don't need to be feeling your most creative right now.

The midst of a global pandemic is not a natural time to massively increase your artistic output and start a million new projects - if that's not how you cope. Some people have to keep busy and so repainting their whole house will see them through the crisis, but others will need to have a few more sofa days than they would usually allow and that's ok too.

If you are one of those people that likes to keep busy with things to do - these crafty projects may be something to do in a little while when your tank is running low (or you've got sick of banana bread/homemade sourdough - we've had two yeast explosions in our kitchen so far so I'm happy to move past the "bread phase" of this crisis).

Obviously, at the time of writing this all the shops below are still open and operating as usual - you may, like me, have half the materials for these DIYs crammed away in a drawer somewhere. Channel your inner Angel Strawbridge and see what you can whip up - I'd love to see!

✰ DIY Screen Printing (Hobbycraft Kit / Cass Art Kit / Natural Cotton Tote Bags)

✰ Swap the banana bread for a lemon drizzle (I always use this recipe from The Londoner and my good friend Alex also posted this fab video recently)

✰ Try some Easter-themed floristry (Libby from Flowers & Such has some quick and easy videos on her Instagram)

✰ Tie Dye (WikiHow Tie-Dye Tutorial / DIY Natural Dye-Making Tutorial / Second-Hand T-shirts - eBay)

✰ Pottery (Air Dry Clay / Cheap Acrylic Paints / Pottery Inspo Pinterest)

Flower Pressing

✰ Make a floral wreath (Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial / DIY Christmas Wreath)

✰ Colouring-in with Joanna (Etsy Page)

General To-Do's

If you're not feeling artsy, now could also be a good time to sort through your junk drawer or tackle that human-sized pile of ironing, so here are some more general things you could get ticked off.
As above, now is a great time to have a tidy-up and see what you've got lying around. Whether that's half a bag of compost or some old candle jars that could be cleared out and reused - get to it!

✰ Scrapbook loose photos and postcards (Paperchase Self Adhesive Photo AlbumDIY Book Binding tutorial)

✰ Sort out your garden/neglected house plants (Removing Weeds with living legend Alan Titchmarsh video - you're welcome )

✰ Touch up your paintwork (Wickes/B&Q/The Range - wherever is open where you are, or check you don't have any dregs in a tin somewhere)

✰ Clear out all your underwear drawers and put in the wash (I remember reading this in Cosmo as a kid and thinking it was the most tragic thing - satisfying though. Who needs odd socks at a time like this?) and sort all your clothes. Give into to the Marie Kondo hype with the KonMari Method - I recommend this extremely satisfying organisational video from Safiya Nygaard for a motivational push.

✰ Clean your makeup brushes (Jamie Genevieve's Brush Cleaning Hack)

✰ Go through your kitchen cupboard and do an inventory list (Food Development Chef Elly Pear's Instagram Story tutorial)

✰ Whack out the label maker and give yourself the Pinterest-worthy pantry you've always dreamed of (Label Maker / Spare Rolls / Jars)

Let me know how you get on!

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