Thursday, April 30

Go-To Baking Recipes For When You've Lost Your Mind But Found Some Flour

Like nearly everyone, being kept in quarantine for an indefinite amount of time has ignited a weird baking fire in me. If you've been experiencing a flour shortage in your area, I'm sorry, but that might be my fault. So far I've made two types of bread, two types of cookies, lemon drizzle, banana bread, oreo brownies, cornish pasties, pies and pizza. Here are some of the recipes that made the cut.


Baci Di Dama from the Chiappa Sisters
Little biscuit sandwiches - sort of like Italian macaroons - made with hazelnuts and dark choc.

Dark Chocolate Ricciarelli from Jamie Oliver
Chewy chocolate almond cookies - I think traditionally these have little stars on top

Chocolate and Hazelnut biscotti (my recipe)
Swap in and out ingredients for what you have and what you like - good for using up old stuff.


Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate Madeleines from BBC Good Food
Little spongey springy cakes which are great with a coffee any time of the day - I hoovered through mine for breakfast/lunch/dinner

Pistachio, Hazelnut and Raspberry Friands from the Violet Bakery Cookbook
These are very cute and colourful with the little pistachio chunks sticking out the top - would be nice for a baby shower etc

Blackberry and Star Anise Friands from Ottolenghi
So deliciously spiced and moreish, all the joy of a blackberry crumble in the handy travel-sized package of a friand.


Lemon Drizzle Cake from The Londoner
No additives, preservatives, goop, gunk or whatever - just good lemony stuff.

Banana Bread from KateLaVie
Can't go wrong.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies from Pret
Since they posted the recipe for these I've kept a frozen batch in my freezer for emergencies (situations that quantify an emergency include: a bad day, a good day, a weekday, a weekend, etc)

Oreo Brownies from Lorraine Pascale

And of course, anything from BakingBo.

Do you have any good recipes in your arsenal? Let me know!

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