Saturday, June 9

Laverstock Farm, Dorset

Long time readers of this blog will already know that Sam and I have a penchant for the odd mini-break. Since getting the puppy, we've had to limit our getaways whilst working through essential evils such as toilet training and convincing Brandy that cats are friends (not food). That's why when the time came that we were confident that the pooch was travel-safe we booked a good old long weekend.

We needed somewhere that was remote enough that it felt like a holiday for us, but not so distant that the car journey would be unfeasible. We decided on Devon, with a pit stop in Dorset on the way.

That's where we found ourselves on our first night, tucked away in the Dorset countryside at Laverstock Farm. You can rent tiny stone cottages with floral trellises and converted lofts with meadow views, but we opted for a cosy caravan on the edge of the lawns.

It was just the right size for three little bears for a night, and they made the puppy feel very welcome too.

We stretched our legs (all eight of them) by exploring the grounds and taking in the scenery.

Brandy was only six months old at the time and I think she may have been having an existential crisis.

There were meadows, lawns, fields, livestock and green as far as the eye can see.

 Before long, the sun started to go down and we began our walk back to the caravan.

Having learned the hard way about dawdling in nature when we stayed in yurt a few years ago,  we got to making dinner quickly on the stove before the darkness set in.

Before long, it was too dark outside to see your hand in front of your face and so we retreated inside. It rained through the night and you could hear the droplets tapping on the tin roof until morning.

When we woke up, it was too wet outside to do much of anything so we just put the kettle on and waited to see if the clouds would clear.

We took the little monster out for a damp stroll before admitting defeat and hitting the road in search of clearer skies. Next stop, seaside!


  1. We are so pleased you enjoyed your stop over on Laverstock Farm, even if the weather was a bit damp. Would you mind if we linked to your fantastic blog on our social media accounts?

    1. Hello Emma- it's nearly a year late from but yes certainly please do! :) We had a great time!