Sunday, June 10

Baggy Point, Devon

Part Two of our getaway took us to Croyde: home to some of Britain's most prolific surf communities and hub of coastal adventure.

Following our early departure from Dorset, we arrived in Devon with hours to spare before we could check in. The Air B&B we were staying in was two minutes from the beach and ten minutes from a National Trust walk and so we took the time to scope out the town and let puppy stretch her legs.

The followed the road to see where it led, giving the opportunity for Brandy to fraternise with a few locals along the way.

These little sheep are my favourite.

The path takes you towards the Sandleigh Tea Rooms, pitched serenely next to the viewpoint overlooking North Croyde Beach.

On the cloudy day we visited, it had a bit of Game of Thrones about it. Or maybe Jurassic World?

Before long we came to Baggy Point, a National Trust site that takes you to the edge of a cliff overlooking the coast.

With puppy in tow, we set off for a wander.

The scenery was rugged and rocky, with sparse spots of colour dotted around in the form of various splashes of foliage.

Not forgetting the sightings of rare mountain dogs.

After a while, we made it to the very tip of the cliff.

By this time, it had been a long day and we needed to get everyone fed and watered. 

Until the next day!

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