Sunday, April 22

Earth Day

I don't know the weather where you are but today the sun is shining and it seems a pretty good time to consider Mother Earth. In homage to Earth Day I wanted to share a few links around the internet to some things to make you happy about the planet plus ways we can all express gratitude by giving back.

Things to make you feel good:
✿ National Geographic's Best Travel Photographer of the Year
✿ Snoop Dogg Narrating Planet Earth
✿ The Bat That Wanted To Be An Astronaut
✿ This Weird Conspiracy Theory That Mountains Are Actually Giant Prehistoric Trees
✿ This Baby Lizard Sleeping In A Flower
✿ 85 New Species Discovered in 2017
✿ Honey Bee Populations On The Rise
✿ 8 Animals That Are No Longer Endangered
✿ Scientists Have Found A Way to Regenerate Parts Of The Great Barrier Reef

Ways to make the planet feel good:
✿ Join An Anti-Litter Initiative
✿ Make A Hedgehog Highway
✿ Switch To Vegan
✿ Ditch Disposable Cups
✿ Recycle Your Clothes
✿ Join Surfers Against Sewage On Your Summer Hols

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