Friday, March 2

February Favourites

Hello all! I hope you've been well. It's been Snowmageddon my side (more on this soon) and I've been going, quite frankly, stir crazy. I have been wanting to think back to a simpler time (a mere week or so ago) when I could venture outside freely without the real fear of immediate icy death at every turn. For this reason, I felt now was as apt a time as any to compile my favourites for the month of Feb.

As the shortest month of the year, I thought it made sense that my favourites were a bit few and far between this time around. To tell the truth, I've been a bit poorly and unable to kick the fatigue, so it's not been a wild rollercoaster time for me. It's mostly been about home comforts and the little things, hence this relatively twee collection.

01 - ASOS Baker Boy Hat - This is a bit of a different favourite for me: it's fashion related. I like to delve into the realm of fashion as much as the next person, but I have agonising buyer's remorse and so can't usually bear to keep most of what I buy. I picked up this hat in January as something relatively cheap and cheerful to add some pizzazz to daily life, and it's done moreorless just that. My friend Jen actually liked this hat so much she bought one exactly the same: that's how powerfully joyous this seemingly innocent piece of headgear is. I like to imagine we resemble Keira Knightley just popping over with Banoffee Pie in Love Actually when we wear them and not generally pillocks/1920s post boys. I also want to add we pointedly don't wear them at the same time. Could you imagine.

02 - Urban Apothecary's 'Custard Cream' Candle - I have to make a confession about this item. This was a classic case of I'm Buying This For You Because I Want It For Me. I bought this for Sam for Christmas after gazing at it many times across Boots, and I just felt it was a stupid time of year to be buying candles for myself. It was December and I knew that I would likely be inundated with candles come Christmas (I was, it was magnificent, I've used them all). That being said, I wanted to do whatever it took to get this scent into my house. I took matters into my own hands and bought it for Sam (myself). I've been working from home this week due to aforementioned Snowpocalypse and this has been making the house smell cosy and inviting rather than the frigid ice hell it truly is. They do all sorts of foodie flavours: Bakewell Tart, Chocolate Brownie, Lemon something-or-other; but I liked this one because it was mild and warming. I would definitely recommend if you're in the market.

03 - Benjamin Phillips - Faithful and avid readers of this blog may recall that Sam and I have been supporters of the Hastings Illustration Festival over the past two years. When we first visited in 2016 we had the pleasure of getting a brilliant and hilarious portrait done on the spot by Hastings-based artist Ben Phillips. We framed it, hung it pride of place, and it has brought us much joy everyday since. For Valentine's this year I decided I wanted to get something a bit different, seeing as it also marked one month since picking up the puppy. I got in touch with Benjamin and was able to commission him to do a portrait of Brandy as a surprise. Like all of his work, it's the perfect mix of true to life, whimsical, silly, amazing, fun and brilliant all at once. Possibly this is another example of when I have bought something for Sam because I wanted it for myself-- but I can promise you that he loved it just as much as I did. We just have the tricky choice now of where to hang it that doesn't make us look too much like demented dog owners.

04 - Richmond Park - As I've said, February was a bit of a tricky month for me as I've been a bit run down. I think after the stress of December, January was about getting back into the swing of things full throttle and it just all caught up with me. I've been really trying to utilise my weekends to the best of my ability as a time to recharge my batteries, switch off, and get myself on the mend. However-- my older sister is moving house soon and she wanted to give her London pad a last hurrah. She wrangled as many of our sisters together as she could (there are five of us and my brother) and we popped in for lunch and a stroll around Richmond Park. I thought the day would wipe me out, to be honest, but actually it was the perfect pick-me-up. My family are a bit far-flung and it was great to spend an afternoon with nearly everyone in one place and all on the same wavelength. As time goes on it can feel increasingly difficult to find the time to spend time with family, but it's always the remedy to my woes-- even if it was freezing cold that day and we massively overpaid for cake in Petersham Nurseries. It's all gravy in the end.

I hope you had a wonderful February-- March has started off as a bit of a dive weather-wise but I'm optimistic. At least I won't have to water the plants..!

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