Friday, July 6

Croyde Beach

We visited Croyde Beach on a misty day in April. Brandy had never seen the sea up close and we wanted to see if she had those spaniel sea-legs people kept talking about.

Into The Water - Paula Hawkins

This book reminded me quite a bit of another book I read last summer, which unfortunately had the advantage of having a more attractive front cover but also an altogether more interesting plot. That book was Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent. This novel: Paula Hawkins' Into The Water, has been acclaimed as a follow up to yet another markedly better book The Girl On The Train. Despite the accolade surrounding it's publication, I hadn't read Hawkins' other novel, and so I went into this one without any real thoughts. Unfortunately, I didn't come out of it with any either.

Sunday, June 10

Baggy Point, Devon

Part Two of our getaway took us to Croyde: home to some of Britain's most prolific surf communities and hub of coastal adventure.

The Fall of Icarus

There are a few things in life that I find quite perplexing. Prawns for instance, or people that don't cover their mouths when they cough. I just don't understand how we have got so far along the evolutionary ladder with them still hanging around. Apropos of that, when I first met Sam, he would say things to me like, "my dad has six Golden Retrievers". To which I would say, 'ok great'. Then he would say, "kidding". To which I probably said...'fine then'. This book is both Sam and Prawns.

I promise you're not reading the slow decline of my mental capacity, I promise this is leading to a point. Like Elle Woods talking about hair care in court, you just need to stick with me.

Saturday, June 9

Laverstock Farm, Dorset

Long time readers of this blog will already know that Sam and I have a penchant for the odd mini-break. Since getting the puppy, we've had to limit our getaways whilst working through essential evils such as toilet training and convincing Brandy that cats are friends (not food). That's why when the time came that we were confident that the pooch was travel-safe we booked a good old long weekend.

Saturday, April 28

The Things They Carried

As the end of the month draws near, it brings with it another addition to my #12books12months series. After the hellfire of last month, I wanted to read something this time that I could potentially actually enjoy. I wasn't prepared to take a risk, so I picked one of my all time favourite novels: Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried.

Friday, April 20

Devon and Dorset in 9 Tracks

Just yesterday, Sam and I returned from a trip to Devon and Dorset. There's more on this to come but while I'm still clinging on to being in Holiday Mode I wanted to post a mixtape of our holiday soundtrack. I would describe this one as stereotypical indie surf/holiday... It took a lot of restraint not to just put the entire Best Coast discography on it but I thought that was an album that required a warm climate which Dorset was not!

Friday, March 30

Rupi Kaur - The Sun And Her Flowers

First and foremost, this blog is not necessarily a book review blog. Although I am, at present, reading and reviewing these books; it's not because I consider myself an expert my any means. 

I wanted to start this challenge because I know I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to, which is a shame, but also because I have a particular interest in book cover design. I think a great cover is one that picks up on minute themes within the book and can express them in a clever and subtle way. These Kafka cover reimaginings by Peter Mendulsund, for instance. They're brilliantly abstract and perfectly convey in incredible shorthand what's happening inside. Or even this beautiful edition of The Lord of The Flies by the Folio Society. Isn't is fantastic? Red, black, cracked glasses and ominous desert palms. What else do you need?

The reason I wanted to start March's #12books12months post with this is because, in some instances, a great outside can disguise a truly naff inside... Which brings me to Rupi Kaur's The Sun And Her Flowers.

Monday, March 26

Spring Things

There are some things in life that feel universal, maybe when they aren't. For example, I feel like everyone must have grown up making 'perfume' at home in the summer, right? Picking the best petals one by one, then painstakingly crushing them in whatever nearby resembled a pestle and mortar, adding water, then swilling the mulch into some sprayable receptacle. It's such a bright memory from growing up that it seems impossible that not everybody did the same.

Saturday, March 24

To The Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse is actually I book I’ve read before. It’s short, with an uncomplicated plot and interesting prose structure. I thought it would be a great quick pick for the shortest month of the year.

You may well notice that it's actually late March now and not February any more:

Well, I obviously forgot that it's Virginia Woolf and not The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Friday, March 2

Snow Daze: A Mixtape For When It's Snowing And You're Trapped In Your House With No Escape

Those of you who have been around this blog for a little while will know I have a penchant for mixtapes. I would like to imagine there is the potential for a soundtrack to every occasion. This week, I've been moreorless literally snowed in to my house and have been doing what I can to prevent a slow hell spiral into Cabin Fever Fortunately, I have had some company in the form of Brandy, our pup, and so the 'album artwork' is in obvious homage to her. If it hadn't been for her happy little face and floppy ears this week I think I would have genuinely been gnawing off my arm by now. This is a playlist for that.

February Favourites

Hello all! I hope you've been well. It's been Snowmageddon my side (more on this soon) and I've been going, quite frankly, stir crazy. I have been wanting to think back to a simpler time (a mere week or so ago) when I could venture outside freely without the real fear of immediate icy death at every turn. For this reason, I felt now was as apt a time as any to compile my favourites for the month of Feb.

Saturday, February 17

One Month with Brandy

Happy Saturday all, I hope this week has been a good'un. Alongside Valentine's Day and the attributed gumpf, we also marked another somewhat sentimental occasion this week-- one whole month since Sam and I collected our little demon child/puppy, Brandy. I thought with all good intentions it might good to fill you guys in-- for better or worse!

Tuesday, February 6

The Princess Diarist

Hi all! So far, so on-time: I have my first book recommendation of the year! That being said, truth must be told-- I haven't read this one. I've been listening to the audiobook on the way to work and it's been the absolute perfect remedy for January Blues.

Sunday, January 21

Twelve Books for Twelve Months

Hi all! I hope January has been treating you well so far. Considering it's supposed to be the most quiet month of the year it's been exceedingly crazy for me so far. In no small part thanks to a recent addition to my life-- a puppy! We picked her up a week ago and it's been a whirlwind so far.

Having a little one who needs me has meant I've been lining up things to do that keep me occupied at home (particularly for the next few weeks when she can't go outside). I'm already midway through season three of Peaky Blinders after only starting watching two days ago, but I wanted to line up some reading for when that runs its course. Fortunately, I'm coming into 2018 with a reading list as long as my arm so I'm off to a good start!