Sunday, December 31

The Last Trip Of The Year

Hi everyone! It's not long until New Year here and so I wanted to end 2017 with one more post.

In September, I visited Genoa with Sam's family.

We stayed in a place called Pieve Ligure, which was just a short train away from Genoa city centre.

It was a relatively small town with more than its fair share of cobbled stairways and a good few neighbourhood critters to keep your attention on the ascent.

We stayed in a villa at the top of a hill, so the climb was unavoidable but always awarded with a view.

I would get up in the morning and sit out on the veranda with a coffee, looking out at the sea and taking in the quiet.

On the porch below there was a dining table where we all could sit in the evenings, and we all took turns to rustle up our own interpretations of Italian dinners as the sun went down.

On the days we weren't in the villa, we ventured down to a few of the different beaches and coves that Pieve Ligure had to offer.

Towards the end, the weather took a turn for the dark and stormy. Fortunately, I had a reading list as long as my arm to get stuck into and so I left Genoa with all the required R + R.

Until next time guys-- I'll see you in 2018!

Happy New Year!

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