Friday, September 8

Quentin Blake @ the Jerwood Gallery

Hello all! A few weeks ago I popped down to a great Quentin Blake exhibition, 'The Only Way To Travel' at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. The exhibition boasted all new illustrations from Quentin depicting many weird, wonderful and wacky means of fantasmic transportation and it was a treat for the eyeballs (all nine of them).

As it was a sunny day (to start), Sam and I popped down to the pier with our good pals Jenny and Mark.

Above, Mark and Jen enjoying a romcom-style piggyback.

I've not visited the Pier before and thought it was a pleasant little treat of a spot. Cute shops and multiple locations for coffee meant it was right up our alley.

After a mosey we walked over to the Jerwood Gallery, a great little place not far down the seafront.

 The exhibit is only running until the end of October so get yourself down there!

On a plaque, a note from Quentin states that his intention behind the artwork was to create pieces as large and absorbing as oil paintings you might see at fine art exhibitions the world over. He wanted them to be amusingly enormous, but in his signature whimsical style.

There were many repeated Blake-isms; googly eyes, extraneous legs, wheels ,and scribbly expressionistic strokes that make you want to chuck all your fancy paints in the bin.

There were also some more austere touches here and there-- depictions of war, sailors lost of sea, lone wanderers in dire straits.

 All with an consoling level of carefree charm.

 Stylistically great fun, ethically a touch thought provoking.

 But mostly, a great inspiration to go home and scribbbbblleeeeeeeeeeeee.

Perfect motivation to find a bit of art in everything, whether it be an enormous oil painting or scratchy lead scrawL.

Until next time!

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