Monday, August 28

The New Forest! (part two)

Hello, hello, hello! I have part two of my New Forest journal for you today. If you are a fan of horses and greenery then blimey is this the post for you!

Once again, Sam and I woke up bright and early with a drive for adventure in our Nikes.

That being said, we first had to drive back to The Pig (looking resplendent in the daylight) to pick up the coat that Sam had abandoned the night before (thank the cocktails for that).

We took the more ambley track down in order to have a mosey at the scenery en route.

One thing about the New Forest that is essential to note is that it's not just horses. I can't tell you how many free roaming cows (!) and donkeys (!!!) we saw roaming around. As twee Kent-folk we found this abundance of wildlife devastatingly exciting and stopped traffic many times to gawk (apologies locals).

Just the route to lunch was like a safari in itself. Who needs tigers when you have fluffy horses and friendly cows? 

 Look at this pony!!!!

LOOK AT THESE COWS! I have nothing intelligent to add to this whatsoever.

Honestly, I must have around five hundred photos of free-roaming cows on my camera now.These are merely the pictures that made the cut. Please appreciate my frugality. 

Before long, that was our two-day stop over and it was home again (jiggity jig).
There are a few more pictures spotted around on my instagram (@bearandcrocodile) if you don't already follow me there. I post much more arty content there too if that's what you're into.

Until next time!

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