Tuesday, August 22

Lovely Lewes

Hello all! Sam and I recently popped down to Lewes in East Sussex for the day, which I thought I would share with you via the medium of picture post!

 The first place we visited was the Needlemakers, which is a tiny little market building full of independent shops selling all sorts.

One shop that we really liked was From Victoria, which was a tiny store specialising in all things green and floral.

Plants and pots galore, it was a veritable treasure trove for the green fingered folk.

Another gem of a shop was Popsicle, which sold all sorts of handmade paper merch and Frida Kahlo trinkets. It's what I imagine the inside of a sunflower's brain could look like.

We headed out to the high street after moseying around the Needlemakers to see what we could see.

 (Evidently what we could see was tons of pretty cobbled streets and picturesque building)

We had a quick look at the castle and had a wander through the nature reserve before heading back to look in some more shops.

There are loads of independent shops in Lewes and we tried to have a peek into all of them. This particular shop stocked all kinds of artisanal soaps. Ahh, my kryptonite. I spotted a Seville Orange scented candle in a shop called Flint which I have never been able to find ever again and think about nearly every waking moment.

Lewes is also pretty great for vintage and antique shops so we popped into a few of those too.

Sam and I had a rummage through some vinyl (always on the hunt for Kate Bush) and had a mosey into all the different vintage shops dotted around the high street.

I've visited Lewes for vintage shopping before and there's a great shop on the main road which has four or five floors crammed to the rafters with antique bits and bobs.

All the antiquities you could ever need to make your house cosy as you like. Browsing tuckered us all out so we decided to head off from here to go and find something to eat.

As the weather was nice and the night was still young, we decided to pop over to Brighton to see what we could find. 

There are always places in the lanes, but being a Sunday lots of things were closed early. We popped into Boho Gelato for a spell before continuing our wander.

In the end, we opted for our go-to when options are scarce: pizza by the seafront. You know what we're like by now.

Until next time folks! Many many regards as always.

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