Monday, August 28

The New Forest! (part two)

Hello, hello, hello! I have part two of my New Forest journal for you today. If you are a fan of horses and greenery then blimey is this the post for you!

Saturday, August 26

The New Forest!

Hello again everyone! A few weeks ago Sam and I decided we fancied a quick weekender to somewhere not too far away. We wanted nature, wildlife, and a less than four hour commute. The New Forest it was!

Thursday, August 24

7 Day Sketchbook Challenge

Morning everyone! I've been trying a new approach to drawing over the past few weeks. I've been really busy and travelling all over the place, which has meant that whenever I've had two minutes to sit down and draw I've been absolutely dead inside with no creative juice left flowing. Rather than kicking myself for not being able to channel the next Mona Lisa on my lunch break, I've decided to take a step back and have a mental regroup.

So often when it comes to creative block it's easy to stumble at the first hurdle. I've decided to eliminate the hurdle-- for this challenge, I tasked myself with wiping my brain clean and drawing only what was directly in front of me.

Tuesday, August 22

Lovely Lewes

Hello all! Sam and I recently popped down to Lewes in East Sussex for the day, which I thought I would share with you via the medium of picture post!