Wednesday, June 7

Postcards from Palma pt.1

Hello everyone! I'm writing to you today to share some photos of my recent trip to Palma, Mallorca. When I originally began looking to go away I found other blogger recommendations to be invaluable, so I always like to share and share alike when I return. Sam and I had a glorious four day trip away, and I want to tell you all about it!

First and foremost, our hotel. We found a bangin' offer direct through our hotel's Facebook page which meant we were able to upgrade to a room with a view for practically pennies. We stayed at the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis, which is a recently renovated 4* but genuinely amazing. We suspect once they've finished a few tweaks here and there it will easily take the jump to 5*. Really beautiful, secluded but not far from anywhere, it was exactly what we were looking for. If you like your holidays to be more gentle laps in the pool than lap dancing on the Maga strip, this will be your kinda thing too.

For our first day, we generally just moseyed around, finding our bearings and looking up places to visit (we literally booked this holiday 48 hours before flying), and so it wasn't until we wandered down to the harbour in the evening for food that we began Holiday Mode for real.

The Marina was the kind of place that was very 'Palma, Mallorca', to me. By that I mean it was very Cosmo, with TOWIE sorts swanning around the yachts and retiree's shouting in loud English at the waiting staff. That being said, it was relatively serene and a must-visit for anyone travelling with a boy. Never mind mind the sunset, Sam saw a boat called Skyfall, yaasss (holiday made).

We wandered around a bit and had dinner at a place called Diablito, which was a sort of pizza/tapas place, pretty cool and casual. There were a lot of fine dining places around but we fancied something carby and so Diablito fit the bill nicely. 

We walked around the jettys for a little while afterwards before deciding to have a quick google for a sandy beach to watch the sun go down.

I have to tell you, the beach we wound up finding turned out to be our favourite for the whole trip. We never visited during the day so can't vouch for the crowds, but in the evening we had it entirely to ourselves. Just two people and some pretty spectacular sunsets. It's called Portals Nous and I would call it our top recommendation by far.

The joy/amazement on my face says it all.

 Check out those candy floss skies, people! So beautiful, so unreal.

We sat on an abandoned deck chair with a bottle of coke and just enjoyed having a good honest chill out. Busy jobs, busy lives-- there's nothing so centering as peace and quiet and a view.

 Postcard perfect in every way.

Before long it started to get cold, and the nearby beach bar started coming to life.

We took this as our cue to go home and recover from our super early flight. Chilly and cheery, it was off to bed with sandy toes.

Until next time, 

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