Thursday, June 22

OOTD For When It's Hot Enough To Wear A Skirt Despite Only Half Shaving My Legs

Hello all! Oh, it's so English to say, but isn't it just so bloody hot? I'm writing this at past ten in the evening and just having a laptop on my legs is just sending me into a heat spiral. Anyway, to the point. I had a little word with myself a few weeks ago regarding this blog, and the illustrations that come alongside it. 

I decided that I quite like the feeling of posting as and when I feel like, and drawing to no particular rhythm of a drum. It's made me feel a bit more carefree about things. I felt like I really wanted to get back the feeling of drawing what I like and when I like, about things to do with me and about me, and what I have been up to. It feels good.

I'm looking at doing Taryn(from @Taryndraws)'s Potterweek Prompts this year. It's a week of Harry Potter themed illustrations starting from the 1st of July for a week. You guys will know I love a structured Harry Potter themed challenge, so it seemed right up my street.

You'll see me before then, but until next time,

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