Wednesday, May 10

20 Things to do in Edinburgh! (Part two) + VLOG

Hello again! It's part two of my Edinburgh guide today, and this was a day that I mostly filmed so it's not too photo-heavy. There is scenery and eating spots galore to be shared, so make sure to watch the vlog for the full immersive experience of bonny Scotland.

Day Three:

To start the day, we headed down Dundas Street once again to have a look in Cuckoo’s Bakery and see what cupcakes were out for the day. This place is a bit of a blogger fave and so things tend to sell out pretty quickly. We had a coffee and a cake before loading up a bag to go and heading off to the Zoo!

As Bear + Crocodile may suggest, Sam and I are animal lovers and we particularly wanted to visit the Pandas. We've been to one or two zoos in our time, as have most, and Edinburgh was a little bit chilly and sad when we went. Bird flu meant all the aviary exhibits were closed and the cold weather meant all the animals were generally tucked away sleeping. That being said, we did get to see the pandas and so that was that. Worth a trip, but maybe best for a warmer day.

Following this, Sam and I headed back to the city to begin the climb up to Arthur's Seat. I wound up wearing the classic travel staple of all my clothes at once as it was so nippy, but there wasn't any wind and so it was a perfectly pleasant walk for all.

And equally, it was perfectly picturesque. Get those insta shots!

After we headed back down to more tolerable levels of cold, we took the longer route home past Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament buildings. Had we had more time, we may have spent bit more time here but we were chilly and needed to head back. We dipped into the Museum of Childhood to warm up, before heading back to the hotel for a hot bath and dinner at The Printing Press.

13 - Cuckoo’s bakery
15 - Arthur’s Seat
18 - Holyrood
19 - Parliament

Day Four - 

On our final day,  we wound up being somewhat short for time. We were able to loiter at the hotel for a little while before we needed to leave, but before long we were out onto the streets of Edinburgh for the last time. Having exhausted most of our to-do list, we just had one final place to visit. The Elephant House, home of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. This place was a little bit difficult to photograph, but I did manage to vlog so make sure to watch part two to see what it's like! 

20 - The Elephant House

That's it for my twenty things, I vlogged much more extensively than I photographed so all the things to see are there for your eyeballs.

I hope this comes in handy for anyone else who comes across this post and may be travelling up north.

Until then, I'll speak to you all soon! :)

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