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20 Things to do in Edinburgh! (Part one) + VLOG

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A little while ago I took a trip to Edinburgh and I’ve been slowly working on a travel post about it since. When I was looking for things to do in Edinburgh I found blog recommendations to be invaluable and so I wanted to share and share alike. We managed to squeeze in nearly everything we wanted to (weather permitting), so I’ve written up all the places we went to as well as a few others we had to skip but would recommend for anyone with more time! I also bloomin’ well vlogged the whole trip so I could take you all along with us. It’s up on my Youtube channel now so give it a look!

Day One:

We flew in pretty early on the Tuesday, a bit too early to check in, so we dropped off our bags at the hotel and went for some breakfast to pass the time. The hotel we were staying at was The Principal on George Street. We decide to shell out for an upgrade so we could have a room with a view and were fortunate enough that it was blue skies all week which meant we had amazing views to wake up to every day.

The hotel had two places to eat in lieu of your standard continental brekkie; The Printing Press which is an amazing Gatsby-esque bar/bistro. Definitely worth a visit even if you’re not a guest at the hotel. We visited on our last night and were blue to have not visited more in the week. The other hotel grazing spot was a teeny coffee shop called Burr + Co. We never wound up visiting here as we were often too keen to visit other places for breakfast, but it was cute and cosy with a copper/mahogany décor scheme that would be perfect if you were desperate for an instagrammable latte.

After dropping off our bags we wandered down the road for food. We wanted to visit Urban Angel Café but there was a wait for tables so we had a mosey down Dundas Street first. We popped into Greyfriars Art Shop which was so beautiful. I have a feeling it’s a chain in Scotland and not such a novelty for residents, but we don’t have them down south and so the emerald green woodwork and colourful displays were a bit of treat for an arty sort such as myself. It sort of made you feel like you were shopping for paints in Rosy and Jim’s little canal boat. So lovely. Definitely visit.

Dundas street was actually a bit of a treasure trove of art galleries too, if you like that sort of thing. We’d been walking around for a long time so didn’t dip into all of them but there were more than enough galleries to have a look at. We did nip into Unicorn Antiques, though, which was midway down the road. Really beautiful, lots of polished brass ornaments and sparkly cut crystal glasses waiting for a second lease of life.

Day Two:

For day two, we wanted to be up bright and early with the worm to try and see as much as we could of the city. We knew day three was going to be a bit all over the shop so day two was our opportunity for sightseeing.

To get us moving, we headed to the Southern Cross Café for breakfast and to sort out a route plan for the day. I liked the coffees here, Sam wasn’t sold on his croissant, but it had a good cosy atmosphere and seemed like it could be one of those places that was a go-to for locals. We were originally headed to juice place called Hula but fancied something a little bit more caffeinated to get through the morning. We were going to also head to Mary’s Milk Bar on the way out for a world famous ice cream but it was bloomin’ closed (to be fair, it was nearly freezing outside anyway), but that’s definitely another recommendation.

We decided to walk up the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle first thing as we wanted to make sure we had enough time to see it all. It was as beautiful and rugged as you could imagine, a hardy Scottish battleground to last the ages. 

I vlogged a lot of this so make sure to have a looky, but obviously, definitely worth a visit.

Within the grounds there is also the Museum of War. A very poignant reminder of Scotland’s place in history. From the bagpipe Braveheart battles of yore to modern day conflicts, it really makes you want to think twice before messing with a Scot.

Following this, we went to Lovecrumbs, a bakery on the way back down to town. Neon signs, canvas totes and rosewater cakes—it’s a hipster cake lover’s paradise and so good. Definitely a top eating spot. Sam and I couldn’t find a table so were sat on a piano. It was great, recommend 100%

For dinner that night we headed to Dishoom. Admittedly a chain and not a huge example of traditional Scottish cuisine, it was nonetheless perfect to warm our cockles after walking around the chilly streets all day. We were looking to visit The Witchery, a truly unique gothic-inspired restaurant at the top of the Royal Mile, but it was a bit too ‘foody’ for how we were feeling that day. That being said, Harry Potter fans or people visiting from abroad who want a truly unique Scottish experience should definitely give it a visit

6 - Edinburgh Castle & Museum of War
8 - The Royal Mile
9 - Dishoom

That's it for part one, be sure to click over and read part two!
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  1. Loved these travel posts! I am heading to Scotland soon so it was nice to see the blogs and get further details. I loved the illustrations! Thanks!