Wednesday, March 8

Warner Brothers Studio Tour - Vlog!

Hello everyone! I really hope you're well, it's been a New York Minute since I last spoke to you and I don't mean in the Olsen sense. I hope that January and February served you all well, I've had lists and lists of content to share with you all and since December had no time at all to put pen to paper (figuratively, obvs).

I had a spare day off at the start of the year which Sam and I decided to take full advantage of by taking a trip up to visit the Harry Potter Studios tour in London. One thing I really wanted to work hard at this year was making more of an effort to film the places I go rather than just take photos. I find that making videos can be quite challenging at times, particularly the way I like to make them, but I like being given new things to learn. A few people have commented in the past that they wish my videos were a bit longer and more frequent, so I'm trying! This one was originally about fifty minutes of footage! But I'm no Zoella so I didn't think you guys would love me that much.

Until next time, it won't be so long this time!
Lots of love,

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