Wednesday, December 7


Hi everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying December so far. Last weekend I had the best day out at the Hastings Illustration Festival. I met some amazing artists, bought some unbelievable paintings and generally had a jolly good old time.

Two of the illustrators I met I watch on Youtube and had been looking forward to meeting for ages. The first was Fran Meneses of Frannerd-- who is like a bible of knowledge when it comes to all things illustration. I'm talking the absolute minutiae, such as 'which eraser will give me the least rubber fuzz all over my desk?' and 'which black fineliner is truly the finest?' I've actually met her once before and she is the loveliest and most open person out there, and she just has a wealth of information that she shares over on her channel (linked below).

The second lady I really wanted to meet was Holly Exley. Holly is another person that I really admire for her incredible generosity with practical advice regarding illustration and open attitude towards all different topics. Aside from being an incredible artist she's also really inspiring in regards to her ethical views and the way she chooses to live her life. Needless to say, both ladies were beyond lovely in person and such a pleasure to meet.

Another person I met that I didn't expect to was the amazing illustrator Benjamin Phillips. He was chained to his desk (figuratively) all day, painting portraits for punters on loop from dusk until dawn (more or less). We kept stopping to look at his work and in the end couldn't resist getting a piece. His work is so amazing and lively that it's really a privilege to have something for our own :)

The one other person I really wanted to meet but couldn't seem to nail down was Nina Cosford of My Name Is Girl. Her work is a great inspiration to me and I would have loved to have met her, but nevermind! I also spotted the amazing Evie May Adams, who I follow on Instagram religiously. Mais, Lee Shearman and tons of other artists were there too and it was just a really fab old day. Even Sam said he had a great time, despite events such as the 'triangles making workshop' initially going right over his head.

If you're in a position to visit HIFest next year then definitely go-- I had such an amazing time this year and wish I could've stayed for the Sunday and after party events.

Until next time! Enjoy the video guys, and don't forget to subscribe if you're into them!

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