Monday, December 5

December Mixtape

Hello everyone! Being the generous soul that I am, I have compiled you a December mixtape to get you through what is often the most nightmarish month of the year. 9 Songs to aid you on your journey to become the greatest and most organised person the world has ever seen. Late night BooHoo binges because you didn't remember to get a sparkly/festive outfit for your work night out? Mixtape. Fighting off toddlers for the last Rey figurine in Toys 'R' Us? Mixtape. Flummoxed for ideas of what to get your second cousin you met once for the family Secret Santa? Shhh.... Just, Mixtape.

I've avoided any Bublé and friends in this playlist because if you're anything like me you'll be hearing him on repeat for twenty four hours of the day every day in the run up to Christmas. If you're not one of those people who is forced to listen to Christmas tunes on repeat whilst at work, go shopping for twenty minutes and see how long you can cope.

I've gone for a cosy putting up decorations/falling asleep googling PS4 games on offer/trying to get hype for company outings vibe for this one. Keep your chin up, folks! It will be January soon!

You can listen on Spotify {here} and you can check out all my other mixtapes {here}.

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