Friday, December 9

November Faves

Hello everyone!  I have my November favourites for you today! November flew by for me-- it was one of those months where I just seemed to burn through days and lost time left, right and centre. That being said, I did have time to pick up a few favourites along the way :)

Wednesday, December 7


Hi everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying December so far. Last weekend I had the best day out at the Hastings Illustration Festival. I met some amazing artists, bought some unbelievable paintings and generally had a jolly good old time.

Monday, December 5

December Mixtape

Hello everyone! Being the generous soul that I am, I have compiled you a December mixtape to get you through what is often the most nightmarish month of the year. 9 Songs to aid you on your journey to become the greatest and most organised person the world has ever seen. Late night BooHoo binges because you didn't remember to get a sparkly/festive outfit for your work night out? Mixtape. Fighting off toddlers for the last Rey figurine in Toys 'R' Us? Mixtape. Flummoxed for ideas of what to get your second cousin you met once for the family Secret Santa? Shhh.... Just, Mixtape.