Wednesday, November 23

The Terrifying Indri

Hello everybody! Those of you that know me well will know that I am very much an animal lover. Snakes, frogs, spooky things--  I love them just as much as I love bunnies and baby cows and big soppy dogs. However. There is one side of the animal kingdom that I avoid at all costs. The Primate Family. They freak me out more than I can say and I don't know why.
I had a quick google last week to see what would be on the next episode of Planet Earth II and saw that upcoming would be the Indri. What's that? I thought, young and naive. I googled. I looked into the eyes of the hell (I made sure my sister's group chat knew about it). They're not my favourite animal by any means but I thought for some reason that I would paint one for you today to try and bully the phobia out of my brain. Please appreciate my sacrifice.

Until next time,

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