Monday, November 14

November Reading List

Hello everyone! I hope you're well, I have a bit of a haul post for you today. We recently bought a new armchair for our living room and it's been the trigger to make me want to cosy up with a good book in the evening. That, teamed with the fact my car is still broken, meaning I'm left stranded and bored all the time, meant that I was in the market for some new material.

For a long time now I've been after a copy of Peter Mendelsund's first book Cover, about his life and career producing award winning book covers. Back in the olden days when Skillshare was more opt-in based, Peter had a class explaining his process of designing a book and instructing you how you might do the same. I was incredibly fascinated by his process and so was really keen to get a hold of Cover for more information. Alas, many birthdays and anniversaries and Christmases passed and no copy appeared for me wrapped up, so I finally just bought an edition for myself. I've had a quick flick through and I can already tell it contains some glorious artwork and will be a coffee table stable for many years! 
Another book I've been meaning to get my hands on for quite a while is Hamlet. Despite studying Shakespeare at GCSE, A-Level and degree level, somehow Hamlet has evaded my school books (aside from watching The Lion King at the end of term once). I've gotten so far as to read the critical essays at the start, and I'm just now delving into the script. 
Lastly, this was another Fran Meneses enabled purchase. She recently recommended Kari Chapin's 'How To Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online' in a blogpost and I thought it could be helpful. The practical and logistical sides of owning a shop are the bits that seem to flummox me the most and so I thought a 99p used copy from Amazon could be invaluable! I'll give it a review in due course if it's of interest to you guys :)
Until next time!

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