Friday, November 11

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Hello everyone! I've decided to do something a bit different this week-- rather than just posting my content on the blog, I thought it might be nice to start sharing some of the work of others.

Following the American Election results on Wednesday I found myself feeling some kind of way. The same way I felt when the Brexit results came in earlier in the year. Sort of a bit hollow and weird, like the world was moving on a different axis. Watching the results come in on Tuesday night was like watching the lights go out across the Eastern Seaboard. I felt like I wanted to draw something, not to add to the echo chamber but just to get it out my system. I did, and I shared it on instagram here, but whilst I was drawing I was listening to a Podcast.

By chance, I had been reading Frannerd's newsletter where she talked about enjoying listening to Andy Miller's 'Creative Pep Talk'. I clicked on the link, and as it happened his latest episode had been posted that day on the topic of the election results. I found great clarity in what he was saying-- that sometimes when we're angry and at a loss for words, it's artists and creative thinkers that best get the wheel turning again. Sometimes language can't express how you're feeling but you can express a feeling in art with the stroke of a brush.

I was grateful to Andy for his podcast and grateful to Fran for sharing his work. It inspired me to make a post this week linking to a few different things around the web-- some serious and some silly, but I hope that some of them happen to bring you some kind of feeling like they did for me. I might make this a regular series, I might not, depending on what the web has to give!

Creative Pep Talk - Episode 109 - From Despair to Hope
Woolful - Episode 66 - Amy Small, Free People, Hong Kong, the kitchen sink and Knit Collage
History Extra - The Great Fire of London

Interesting People
Nina Cosford on Patreon
Peter Mendelsund interviewed on

Happy Things
Anthropology's Christmas Ornaments
This drawing by Lizzy o'Donnell on Tumblr
This Winter Wonderland by Clover-Robin on Instagram
An Ode to Wetherspoon's Carpets on Creative Review
Mulled Apple Juice on BBC Good Food

Honey Sweet by Blossoms on my November Mixtape

And this photo from Bonfire Night :)

Until next time everyone,

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