Friday, November 18

My Super Early Christmas Decoration Picks!

Hello everybody :) It's getting to that time of year where you're finally allowed to start thinking about Christmas and picking up some decorations here and there. It will be the first Christmas where Sam and I have a whole house to decorate together so we have our eyes peeled wherever we go. I thought it might be nice today to be extremely keen and post a Christmas  Decoration Wishlist!

Mini Ice Skates - Anthropologie, Merry Christmas Lights - Marks & Spencer, Polar Bear Ornament - Marks & Spencer, Gingerbread House Tree Ornament - Anthropologie, Wreath - Marks & Spencer, Felt Animals - Marks & Spencer, Gold Glitter Ballerina - Liberty, Mini Woodland Animals - Anthropologie, Mini Mouse House Hanging Ornament - Anthropologie, 9 x Mini Houses - Marks & Spencer, Reindeer on Skis - Marks & Spencer, Gold Star Bauble - Liberty

Until next time!

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