Wednesday, November 2

Mr Grey (Squirrel)

Hello everybody! Happy November to you all, here is the first Midweek Mammal of the month! A sweet little darling Grey Squirrel. I said recently that I was super keen to have October out the way as it had been a busy old month for me, but alas I seem to have jinxed myself as November has already gotten off to a troublesome start.

My little old car fought a brave battle up a bloody awful hill, and despite making it over it conked out shortly after and now is being sent to Citroen heaven. Now I'm on the hunt once more for another motor and the loss of my car has thrown all my November plans out of whack already. Alas! Alas, alas. I will persevere as always.

Until next time! Send me your good vibes and positive car energy.

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