Monday, November 21

Desk Tour

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a #cblogger staple today for today's Monday Snapshot-- a desk tour! Now my desk is nothing special but it's always nice to have a nosy at other people's workspaces. 

I don't have a lot of storage space for my desk at the mo (I haven't found anything I like the look of yet, it's a work in progress), so I have bits and bobs all over the place. I have two file folders that live under my printer which store old sketchbooks and finished work from over the year, and I have a little stack of new sketchbooks (and Elle) that live on the windowsill.

On the left side of my desk I have a stack of books on top of a Calligraphy set Sam bought me. I don't know why but I found my pen pot really irritating when it was sat on desk-level. I think it must have been catching my eye all the time or something, so I feel a bit more zen with it up high for whatever reason.
To the right I have a little fern that comes and goes. It's been struggling to stay alive lately, whether it's due to the weather I'm not sure. I've moved it near a window, away from a window, near, far and all over the shop and can't seem to make it happy. For the moment it lives on my desk just because I find I remember to water it better that way. It lives next to a Frida print, my cutting mat and a pot of nail polishes (because sometimes I need something to do while waiting for paint to dry/my printer to turn on/Final Cut to process).

I like to have work all in front of me on the wall, and I tend to rotate pictures in and out depending on how I feel that week. I have some of my own artwork as well as a few polaroids and some other images that make me happy.

I have a little Frida print on my right side that I like to think of like a family photo. Cool Aunt Frida watching on and motivating me to do work.

I also have a print of John Everett Millais' Ophelia painting as a little source of inspo. My secondary school had strong links to his work, Sam's favourite song is The Lumineers' 'Ophelia' and I'm a big Shakespeare fan (despite ironically not having read Hamlet which you would know if you read Monday's post). I think that the character of Ophelia is interesting to think about and obviously Millais' work is endlessly beautiful to stare into. This is paired next to a scribble of a Kate Bush song and some pictures of natural scenery to cheer me up when I tied to my desk for too long. The dresses are a postcard from the historical fashion museum in Bath that Sam and I visited last year. I always like the idea of buying postcards but find it hard to find ones I like.

That's it for now! I hope my little desk has entertained you today. The actual desk itself is a cheap one from Ikea, I bought it a few years ago and it's served it's purpose so I've never felt the need to upgrade  it. My fluffy pink pillow is a West Elm dupe from B&M and that's about all I could imagine you might want to know!

Until next time,

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  1. This is lovely! Seeing someone's creative space is my favourite thing ever :) especially since I don't really have one at the moment :'(