Saturday, November 26

This Month

Hi all! Just a quick Saturday post to tell you where I've been-- to the ends of the earth and back!

Wednesday, November 23

The Terrifying Indri

Hello everybody! Those of you that know me well will know that I am very much an animal lover. Snakes, frogs, spooky things--  I love them just as much as I love bunnies and baby cows and big soppy dogs. However. There is one side of the animal kingdom that I avoid at all costs. The Primate Family. They freak me out more than I can say and I don't know why.

Monday, November 21

Desk Tour

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a #cblogger staple today for today's Monday Snapshot-- a desk tour! Now my desk is nothing special but it's always nice to have a nosy at other people's workspaces. 

Sunday, November 20

Top Tips for a Happy Life #42

Hello everybody! I hope you've all had a good week. Mine's been one of those that has been half manic and half dead-- just the way it is sometimes.

Friday, November 18

My Super Early Christmas Decoration Picks!

Hello everybody :) It's getting to that time of year where you're finally allowed to start thinking about Christmas and picking up some decorations here and there. It will be the first Christmas where Sam and I have a whole house to decorate together so we have our eyes peeled wherever we go. I thought it might be nice today to be extremely keen and post a Christmas  Decoration Wishlist!

Wednesday, November 16

Planet Earth 2

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well this week. I've been searching high and low for a new car, but have been taking advantage of the hours trapped at home to watch some good TV. This week it was Planet Earth 2!

Monday, November 14

November Reading List

Hello everyone! I hope you're well, I have a bit of a haul post for you today. We recently bought a new armchair for our living room and it's been the trigger to make me want to cosy up with a good book in the evening. That, teamed with the fact my car is still broken, meaning I'm left stranded and bored all the time, meant that I was in the market for some new material.

Sunday, November 13

Top Tips for a Happy Life #41

Hello everyone! We're into the forties now, wowie wow. A bit of a sad week this week, I won't go into it again-- but I thought this could be a suitably sombre sentiment for a Sunday morning.

Friday, November 11

✨New! ✨ Friday Feature

Hello everyone! I've decided to do something a bit different this week-- rather than just posting my content on the blog, I thought it might be nice to start sharing some of the work of others.

Wednesday, November 9

The Great Horned Owl

Hi all! I know I only recently painted an owl for #midweekmammal but I just really fancied doing another one today! Plus, this guy is noticeably different with his fashionable 'horns' so I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Monday, November 7

November Mixtape

Hi all! Here I have a mixtape for you to get you through November. I like to call this one, 'songs for when your house is quite cold and you're trying to imagine you're living in a chic nordic log cabin to make it more bearable'. Aka, 'cold house anthems'. Let's crack on!

Sunday, November 6

Top Tips for a Happy Life #40

Hello everyone! Top Tip #40 today, how about that? To me that reflects forty consecutive weeks of regular posting which makes me very proud and happy. To me, November is a blue month, and so I wanted to paint something blue and calm that encapsulated the feel of the month going forward. I figured this one from Cynthia Rylant did the job!

Saturday, November 5

Hamlet by Someone Who Has Never Read It

Hi everyone! I recently felt the urge to read Hamlet after realising I'd got through life and an English degree without ever bothering to look at it. I picked up a copy for 99p but thought I would chronicle my initial thoughts going it.

Wednesday, November 2

Mr Grey (Squirrel)

Hello everybody! Happy November to you all, here is the first Midweek Mammal of the month! A sweet little darling Grey Squirrel. I said recently that I was super keen to have October out the way as it had been a busy old month for me, but alas I seem to have jinxed myself as November has already gotten off to a troublesome start.