Wednesday, October 26

Tyto Alba

Hi everyone! For the last addition to this October's Spooky Animals with Mushrooms edition of Midweek Mammals I wanted to include a real creature of the night. Which mammal better encapsulates the mystical vibes of an autumn night than an Owl, I ask you?

I've painted a Sooty Owl on the blog before, but this week I wanted to go for something a little more recognisable to the common man-- the classic Barn Owl. Barn Owls are sort of like Badgers to me in the sense that I know there are tons of them living near me but I never see them. I'm sure my school had an owl-handling day once (sadly my school was not Hogwarts despite how this sounds), but alas I must have been off sick that day as I came home Friday afternoon empty handed when weirdly all my school friends had charming photos posed nicely with an owl in tow. Did anyone else's school have this? Is that too bizarre?

Until next time!

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