Sunday, October 23

Top Tips for a Happy Life #38

Hello everyone! I have this week's Top Tip for you today as previewed in Monday's Draw Outside video. This week's quote was found for me by my good friend Alex, who featured in the video and is a born blog superstar. That bit where she jumps up behind the letters-- genius! Much better than me. Make sure you watch and catch up or you'll have no clue what I'm on about.
Anyway! I wanted this week's quote to be in keeping with October's spooky theme, and I think that she did a marvellous job in choosing it.
The authoress isn't someone whose work I'm familiar with but I thought the sentiment was appropriately Halloweeny considering it's not long now until the 31st! October has been jam packed for me and whizzed by, so I'm sad to be at the tail end already. I'm not so keen on November-- it's too cold!
Until next time guys,

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