Sunday, October 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #37

Hi all! This week's Top Tip is some truly practical wisdom from Halloweentown. Not an issue many of us are likely to encounter in our lifetimes but, hey, that's what Marnie thought! Always drive with the appropriate eyeballs, kids.

Halloweentown, for me, is one of those movies that is totally naff if you were to watch it with fresh eyes, but as a throwback is the ultimate Autumn indulgence. I can even sing the theme song now without even having to look it up on youtube first. If you were a Disney Channel kid growing up then it's just one of those movies that will take you back. It's on youtube right now, and I'm not going to put bad thoughts into your head but I will say that it's a Sunday and it will improve whatever plans you're having today tenfold. Unless your plans were to get on a magical bus to a spooky town where it's Halloween everyday in which case your day will probably be better.

Until next time folks!

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