Sunday, October 9

Top Tips for a Happy Life #36


Hi everyone! I have a late night Top Tip post for you all today! This week it's a somewhat girly homage to Friday the 13th as part of my slightly spookier themed October posts.

I actually don't watch too many movies these days, but I do love to watch a good making of featurette every now and then. You may remember from a favourites post a while back that I really enjoyed the Nightmare on Elm Streer doc, and so I recently watched a compendium of the Friday the 13th movies too. 

The Elm street doc was very much about things like 'meaning' and 'purpose', whereas the Friday the 13th doc was more a chance for the directors to say, hey, we just wanted to see how many people we could kill and how much money we could make, and that's okay too. In keeping with the Top Tip's theme I tried to find a quote that had a bit of meaning to it, but I learned that some things just don't have meaning. Sometimes, you just find yourself under a full moon, on a Friday the 13th, shit out of luck.

Until next time!

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