Sunday, October 2

Top Tips for a Happy Life #35

Hi everyone and welcome to October on Bear + Crocodile! As you may have learned from last Sunday's post this is my favourite time of year and so I've decided to bring a bit of something-something to the blog this year. That means a few spooky twists to your weekly favourites, starting with this week's Top Tip-- brought to you by the empress of Wizardry herself, J.K. Rowling.

As well as having a head full of hocus-pocus, J.K. also has a good head on her shoulders and her affirmation that, "rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life" is a sentiment that I think is perfect perspective to take on to ensure a happy life. I was watching a Patricia Bright video on youtube the other day and she was saying that people are afraid to follow their pursuits because they're afraid of losing money. She said, you know what, lose money. So you have to go and live with your parents, or give up, or take a break, so what? If you fail, it can simply be an opportunity to start again with a blank slate. And where is more blank than rock bottom? Wise words and a mantra to remind you not to be afraid of failure.

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