Monday, October 24

Seven Hours in Rye

Hi everybody! Firstly, I'll be straight with you and say that I'm not entirely sure I was in Rye for a full seven hours but it was nearly all day so I'm sure you'll be willing to let it slide. I visited the little seaside town with Sam recently and had a swell old time-- there were surprisingly a ton of galleries and artistic shops peppered around the pretty old streets and it was a beautiful spot to wander. With that said, here's today's Monday Snapshot!

There was an amazing art supplies shop that caught me completely off guard and so I wound up leaving empty handed. It's called Neame Designs (I think!) and is down the high street if you ever want to visit. They had tons of liquid watercolours which I was desperate to try, but the selection was so large that it flummoxed me and I just had no idea.

We also stumbled up a really interesting art gallery called Mccully & Crane which displayed really modern and unusual art for sale.

I particularly enjoyed this little display with a crocodile (for obvious reasons).

If you like contemporary art, be sure to visit and bring your pocket money!

Another little artisanal shop we found which I loved was Rye Pottery. I'm having a real thing for ceramics at the moment and am desperate to grab some everywhere I go. I particularly loved this little zebra. Isn't he amazing?? I was a Zebra in my school nativity play (long story, been there) and so I've always had an affinity for them and I could just imagine this guy tucked neatly in a pretty corner next to some old books.

Before long, we headed away from the cobbled streets and towards the sea!

(But not before visiting the sweet shop-- Here I am modelling my bag of Sherbet Pips, so chic with my luminous white trainers)

The Rye seafront is a bit unusual. A bit bleak from some angles, and quite abstract looking.

It looks half like a beautiful British coast and half like a derelict wasteland.

It reminds me of the work of an English artist whose name I can't remember. Do any of you know who I mean? He created a lot of work on a sort of super industrial/abandoned seafront up north. I think we studied him at GCSE. Answers on a postcard.

By the time we got to the shoreline the sun was starting to set (the car park was deceptively far away and the tide was out).

We didn't mind too much as it meant the sun was reflecting prettily on the sea and there was a warm hue to all of the surroundings.

I liked the look of this little hut and tried to imagine living in it. Too exposed, I think. But pretty!

Sam and I tried to pose for a nice photo but alas, we are not models and the sun was in our eyes. We tried! I'll keep the photo as proof we were there in case I wind up embroiled in a murder mystery at any point for whatever reason.

We hung around for a bit longer as the sun dipped lower, but it was getting nippy and so we began the long walk back to the car.

We waved bye to the waves and walked along the pebbled shore.

(Pinching a few keepsakes for the road)

Until next time!

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