Monday, October 3

September Favourites

Hi all! I have my September Favourites to share with you all today, and I would say it's a bit of an eclectic mix. It seems that I get busier every month, but September was a step to another rung on the ladder. I think I let my organisation slip a bit this month and so found myself chasing my tail a bit, but I'm looking at October with a fresh head and hoping to keep hold of all my different threads. That being said, October is looking to be even busier than September so I'll see what happens!

This month, my favourites reflect the many different aspects that made up September as it was a varied month! Sunny one day, a downpour the next. That's the weather for you unfortunately.

1 - Hendricks Gin and Tonic
In the sparse moments when it was simultaneously sunny and I also happened not to be working, I found myself really enjoying sitting outside with Sam and a G & T. I usually go for lime but I've been enjoying the combination of Hendricks with cucumber this month.

2 - Poldark and Bake Off
Despite the fact I'm writing this whilst catching up on Victoria, I actually don't watch too much TV and never really find myself racing home to catch anything on screen. That being said, I've been waiting all year for Poldark to come back and it's come swashbuckling back with The Great British Bake Off in tow. It'll be the return of Strictly soon and then I'm set for a busy schedule on catchup. 

3 - Omg! We Bought A House
As you may know from a favourites post a while ago, I'm quite the fan of Mr Kate on youtube. This September she relaunched her home renovation series Omg! We Bought A House on her channel and it's been bringing me joy in spades. If you're not into watching videos of someone choosing tiles then it might not be up your street, but if you like a bit of DIY Decor then you'll relish Kate's expertise. Definitely catch up with season one and join in!

4 - Brioche Swirls
An Aldi opened near us recently as Sam was a bit obsessed with sending me over to try and bag a bargain. I didn't manage to find everything I wanted but I did pick up some Brioche swirls for us and they became a true tried and tested favourite. 

5 - Charlotte Tilbury - Bond Girl
Sam and I went down to visit Tunbridge Wells in September and while we were there I couldn't help but stop at the brand spanking new Charlotte Tilbury counter in Fenwicks. Despite wanting all of it, I walked away with just a new lipstick in Bond Girl. A great Autumnal maroon, it makes me feel like a fashionable leaf and I fully recommend it.

Until next time!

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