Friday, October 28

October Favourites!

Hi everyone! I decided to save this week's Inktober roundup for Monday so that I can post all the final days in one fell swoop, and I'm bringing you my October Favourites instead!
October was a monstrously busy month for me, and so my favourites are a bit eclectic in a way that I think mimics how catastrophically all over the place I found myself.

1 - Blossoms - This month I sort of jumped on the Blossoms bandwagon and don't want to get off. Charlemagne and Getaway are always favourites of mine when the come on the radio and so I finally got round to downloading the album and have been listening to it constantly. Honey Sweet is my favourite album track but I also love At Most A Kiss for when I want something to hoover aggressively to.

2 - Pencil Drawing - The observant of you may have noticed that my Inktober contributions haven't actually involved any ink, and this was quite intentional. I'm pretty happy with my ink skills and feel like they are reflective of a period of drawing that I'm sort of over, and I wanted to grapple another medium instead. I really love the pencil work of @molley.may and @rebeccagreenillustration on instagram, amongst others, and so wanted to give pencil work a go over October. I've found it a bit of a double-edged sword. I love how illustrations look smokey and home-made, but my pencil is particularly smudgey and nightmarish which has ruined a long sleeve top or two over the month.

3 - Handmade at Kew - This month I went to visit the Handmade at Kew exhibition with my good friend Alex, who has featured on the blog many times. The exhibit itself was a bit disappointing but it was great to catch up and have a nice chat amongst the scenery, and I loved filming my Draw Outside video with her in tow. Thanks Alex!

4 - Satsumas - I feel like my favourites always need to feature a food, for whatever reason, and this month it was definitely satsumas. Maybe it's because they're small and orange, like little baby pumpkins, but I always find that they're just the fruit of the season. They're what's hip! And delicious (and portable).

5 - My Bieberversary - Longtime readers of the blog may remember that whenever Sam and I celebrate our anniversary I tend to chronicle it with a chic post. Alas, this year there was no post as I anniversary was not spent in a chic way. The picturesque yurt in the woods of last year and the glamorous spa of the year before were replaced instead with tickets to see Justin Bieber. A terrible mixup was to blame, but we took my lovely sister Issie along with us and had a great time Bieber-ing the night away (even if Justin himself looked agonised to be there, for whatever reason). Happy Anniversary, Sam!

Until next time, guys!

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