Friday, October 7

Inktober Round-Up

Hello everyone! This week I started #Inktober over on my Instagram, and so I thought I would compile a roundup post today for those of you that might not be following me over there. I've been posting my drawings first thing in the morning on Tumblr, full-size, and then on instagram a bit later when I'm home again. Be sure to follow me on those two platforms to get up-to-the-minute updates! I'm @bearandcrocodile on both, links are in the sidebar to the right. On to the sketches!

As I said last week, I decided to give my Inktober a Harry Potter theme as I thought October would be the perfect time to give the books a re-read. I've been picking through passages to find moments I forgot about or have just enjoyed looking at with fresh eyes. I've already read through to Chamber of Secrets so my drawings have some catching up to do!

Until next time! Happy #Inktober!

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