Monday, October 31

Hello November & Inktober Round-Up #4!

Happy Halloween! With the end of the month, alas, comes the end of Inktober! It was a challenge at times but I'm really pleased with so many of the images I wound up creating and so I'm so glad I stuck it out. Today I have a whole monster-truck load of images-- days 22-31 for your viewing pleasure. You can view the whole month's post on my Tumblr here

Sunday, October 30

Top Tips for a Happy Life #39

Hello everyone! I have the final Top Tip post of the month for you today. Alas, October is nearly over and so the spooky posts are winding down.

Saturday, October 29

✨ Bonus Post! ✨ Draw With Me!

Hi all! As we're nearing the end of the month I wanted to sneak in a little bonus post for you! Quite a few of you guys on Instagram and Tumblr really liked my Witchsona post which I shared recently, which was fab as I had secretly filmed it all along! As a bit of extra fun I thought I would share that with you today.

Friday, October 28

October Favourites!

Hi everyone! I decided to save this week's Inktober roundup for Monday so that I can post all the final days in one fell swoop, and I'm bringing you my October Favourites instead!

Wednesday, October 26

Tyto Alba

Hi everyone! For the last addition to this October's Spooky Animals with Mushrooms edition of Midweek Mammals I wanted to include a real creature of the night. Which mammal better encapsulates the mystical vibes of an autumn night than an Owl, I ask you?

Monday, October 24

Seven Hours in Rye

Hi everybody! Firstly, I'll be straight with you and say that I'm not entirely sure I was in Rye for a full seven hours but it was nearly all day so I'm sure you'll be willing to let it slide. I visited the little seaside town with Sam recently and had a swell old time-- there were surprisingly a ton of galleries and artistic shops peppered around the pretty old streets and it was a beautiful spot to wander. With that said, here's today's Monday Snapshot!

Sunday, October 23

Top Tips for a Happy Life #38

Hello everyone! I have this week's Top Tip for you today as previewed in Monday's Draw Outside video. This week's quote was found for me by my good friend Alex, who featured in the video and is a born blog superstar. That bit where she jumps up behind the letters-- genius! Much better than me. Make sure you watch and catch up or you'll have no clue what I'm on about.

Friday, October 21

Inktober Round-Up #3!

Hi everyone! I have my third Inktober round-up of the month for you today! We're well past halfway now and today's post signifies the jump into The Chamber of Secrets at last. Make sure to check my Tumblr for the rest of the month as they're posted over there first. I'm @Bearandcrocodile, the same as on insta where they're posted a bit later in the day.

Wednesday, October 19

Panthera Onca

Hi everyone! For this week's Midweek Mammal I wanted to paint a black cat but thought I might as well make it a spooky one. I for one am definitely a cat and a dog person, but I will admit that black panthers are the one animal that currently freaks me out. They're too mysterious, in my eyes, and not even Bagheera can charm me.

Monday, October 17

Draw Outside/ Handmade at Kew!

Hi everyone! I have a brand new Draw Outside video for you today-- this time at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew!

Sunday, October 16

Top Tips for a Happy Life #37

Hi all! This week's Top Tip is some truly practical wisdom from Halloweentown. Not an issue many of us are likely to encounter in our lifetimes but, hey, that's what Marnie thought! Always drive with the appropriate eyeballs, kids.

Friday, October 14

Witchsona & Inktober Round-Up #2!

Hello everyone! I have this week's regularly scheduled Inktober Round-Up post for you, but I also felt the blog had been a bit neglected and so wanted to pop up a bit of bonus content in the form of a Witchsona! I've included her up the top for you as an extra bit of something. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my Inktober journey so far, it's been busy as heck but I've got them all done so far! Be sure to check my Tumblr @bearandcrocodile to see them first and then I post them on Instagram later in the day too.

Wednesday, October 12

The Rook

Hello everyone! I have another mammal and mushroom for you this week. I've gone for a Rook today, as despite not having the horror history that you might expect from say, a crow, I find them much more ominous and unpleasant.

I was catching up on Victoria whilst painting this and was amused to hear Lord M waxing lyrical about Rooks and that their collective name is called a Parliament. I didn't expect to like Victoria but as I watch now she's aggressively playing piano against Albert and it's filling in a void I didn't know I had. Have you been watching? Let me know. I'm missing it already! Fortunately, Strictly has come spangling back into town to fill the void.

Can you guess which creature will be next?

Until then!

Monday, October 10

October Mixtape

Hello everyone, I have another mixtape for you to get you merrily through October. This time I've put together a mix that would suit a laid back Halloween Party or as a productivity playlist to help you push through!

Sunday, October 9

Top Tips for a Happy Life #36


Hi everyone! I have a late night Top Tip post for you all today! This week it's a somewhat girly homage to Friday the 13th as part of my slightly spookier themed October posts.

Friday, October 7

Inktober Round-Up

Hello everyone! This week I started #Inktober over on my Instagram, and so I thought I would compile a roundup post today for those of you that might not be following me over there. I've been posting my drawings first thing in the morning on Tumblr, full-size, and then on instagram a bit later when I'm home again. Be sure to follow me on those two platforms to get up-to-the-minute updates! I'm @bearandcrocodile on both, links are in the sidebar to the right. On to the sketches!

Wednesday, October 5

Midweek Monster

Hi everyone! This October I've decided to give my Midweek Mammal series a bit of an October update, with my designated animals being on the Halloweeny side. Creatures of the night at the fore, and a mysterious forest funghi at the back. This week I have a bat for you!

Monday, October 3

September Favourites

Hi all! I have my September Favourites to share with you all today, and I would say it's a bit of an eclectic mix. It seems that I get busier every month, but September was a step to another rung on the ladder. I think I let my organisation slip a bit this month and so found myself chasing my tail a bit, but I'm looking at October with a fresh head and hoping to keep hold of all my different threads. That being said, October is looking to be even busier than September so I'll see what happens!

Sunday, October 2

Top Tips for a Happy Life #35

Hi everyone and welcome to October on Bear + Crocodile! As you may have learned from last Sunday's post this is my favourite time of year and so I've decided to bring a bit of something-something to the blog this year. That means a few spooky twists to your weekly favourites, starting with this week's Top Tip-- brought to you by the empress of Wizardry herself, J.K. Rowling.