Sunday, September 18

Top Tips for a Happy Life #33

Hi all! Firstly, 33 is a satisfying number isn't it? I think it's because it reminds me of being at school and solving equations with .33333 recurring. Is that bizarre? 

Anyway-- secondly, Poldark is back and I am pleased as punch. Anyone who knows me out in the real wild world will know I was a Poldark fiend last year and ever since. I would try and bully people into swapping shifts with me so I could have Sunday nights free, and every time I visited Sam's dad's house and they had a Radio Times on the table I'd scrabble though it like a woman possessed. It just wasn't clear when it was coming back on TV and I needed to know. Well, fortunately for me and everyone else-- it's back now, hoorah!

For me, I just have a bit of an obsession with rocky cornish cliff tops and chic corsetry. Every time I watch an episode I just want to dye my hair red, steal a row boat, and hoik a pick axe, is that so wrong? It comes in perfect synchrony with my other two faves; Strictly and Bake Off. Am I secretly a middle aged mother of three? Who can say...

Until next time!

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