Sunday, September 11

Top Tips for a Happy Life #32

Hi all! You may or may not know that I like to scavenge these Top Tips from all kinds of unlikely sources, and this week is no different. 

I've been really into's 'I'm a...' series on youtube which features all kinds of people from weird and wonderful trades explaining what they do for a living. They've featured professional mermaids, Moulin Rouge dancers, Samurai Hairdressers, and my favourite, Inka Siefker-- a Circus Performer!

Inka is a contortionist and cabaret performer, and she cheerfully recites the mantra she shares with her circus colleagues whilst balancing unflappably on two hands on narrow wooden blocks six feet high-- "if you're afraid, don't do it-- if you do it, don't be afraid". She has such a chilled, merry demeanour that it's almost as though Brittany S.Pierce just wound up in Cirque Du Soleil one day. She's great, and I feel like there's no one better to follow advice from re: being confident in following things through than someone who hangs suspended with a flaming arrow in her teeth. If anyone knows, she knows. We could all be more Inka.

Until next time!

{You can watch the episode here on Youtube}

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