Sunday, September 4

Top Tips for a Happy Life #31

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well this week. I've been busy like always and really feeling it! I decided this week to do a little Willy Wonka tribute to Gene Wilder as he was just one of those incorrigible characters that stuck with me when I was younger.

I think we can all say that when we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory growing up that Gene's Wonka was that weird mix of scary and funny that made him interesting to watch. I remember my dad telling me that the scene where Wonka walks out of the factory with a walking stick before falling down and rising triumphantly, was ad-libbed by Wilder to put the audience a bit on edge-- Who was Wonka, could he be trusted? What would he do next? An ingenious portrayal, I think.

Until next time guys, speak to you soon!

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