Monday, September 12

Park Güell, Barcelona

Hello everyone! As you may remember, I recently travelled to Barcelona with all my pals and thought it was about time to share a few pics! I had never been before, but was travelling with my good friend Jen who is a seasoned Barcelona pro, and so I wanted to share with you the places we went that I thought were well worth visiting. Firstly-- I'm just going go right in. You have to visit Park Güell. It's one of the most cliche tourist sites in Spain but honestly it is just stunning. It's not like the lakes in Cumbria, which are beautiful but sort of samey-- you will not see anywhere like Park Güell in the world.

When you first arrive in Barcelona, there almost seems to be a ghostly presence. An elephant in the room. An undeniable third wheel at every party. Its Gaudi, you guys. He is everywhere.

 You'll see his influence sprinkled around the city streets-- an ornate house here, intricate tile there.

Nowhere in all of Barcelona is his work more glaringly thrust under your nose than Park Güell.

When you first enter the park, in the area not designated as a 'monument zone', you could be mistaken for thinking the park is just your run-off-the-mill beautiful mediterranean tropical paradise with a few chic stairways.

 (They are chic)

But behind the Spanish palms and pretty local flora, the park holds a special secret.

 Ding ding, it's Gaudi.

 Nestled neatly amongst the foliage are some of Gaudi's most beautiful creations.

 They're recognisable even at a distance, with their candy-cane colours and crazy-paved tiles.

They're almost like little North Pole gingerbread houses in the middle of the baking Barcelona sun.

Of course, you can't mention the tiles without also looking to the famous undulating bench.

The bench runs along the length of the Nature Square, a space designed for open air shows and events. Designed in 1910, it's decorated from length to tip in tile-shard mosaic and pieces of pottery.

The bench extends down the Monumental Steps and waves around the park, setting a precedent for the style and feel of the whole space.

Refrains of the tile motif are repeated throughout, from beautiful encrusted fixtures on the ceiling of the Hypostyle Room, with it's high vaulted ceilings...

...To the walls and stairways winding around.

And of course, in a few ornamental forms as well. Thirsty, anyone?

However, even if gaudy Gaudi isn't really your thing, you can't help but marvel at the monumental majesty of the construction of the whole site.

The soaring pillars and intricate, unique stonework are truly marvels and an incredible achievement.

Not to mention the bounteous variety of flora and how seamlessly it's integrated into the built up areas of the park. For a place built on an area originally called, 'bare mountain', it's a real victory for modern design.

 Every nook and cranny of the park is well considered, thoughtful, thought-provoking and beautiful.

Has every single damn tourist to Barcelona seen it? Yes. But you need to, too. 

Until next time!

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