Wednesday, September 28

Midweek Mallard

Hi all! Happy Wednesday, I hope you've had a good week so far. I know mine has been busy and all over the place but that can't be helped! This week I was really inspired to draw another Autumnal animal for Midweek Mammal. Whenever I think of Autumn I remember walking in the woods when I was little with my Nan and Grandad's old Spaniel, Sammy-Dog, in the Sussex countryside. Crisp Autumn leaves, conkers aplenty, and a diversion home past the duck pond to find the best acorns.  That old English ambience is epitomised to me by the humble Mallard, who would diligently take my scraps of baguette every time.

Hindsight being what it is, I now know I probably made those ducks incredibly ill but that's life! The dog had a nice time and so did I. I'm planning so take a turn for the spooky in October with my mammals so I wanted to give you all a sweet little ducky to smile at before then. Look at his sweet yellow beak! I want welly boots that colour.

Until next time!

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