Friday, September 9

Meet My House Plants!

Hi all! Am I crazy for doing this? No? Personally I love to see what people have in their homes and as you will well know I'm a bit nuts for house plants recently and thought I would share my stash. Is it a relatively small selection? Perhaps. I like to think that its curated.

So firstly, my beloved Fern that lives in the bathroom. You would know from my Cumbrian posts that this year has been very fern-intensive for me. I see them, I love them, I want them. This petite variety lives happily on my bathroom shelf where it enjoys the humid environment and window proximity. It's living a good life as plants go.

My second and most recent plant purchase is this pretty Echinacea, which I originally bought to have on my desk but currently lives out on our outside table. You'd surprised how one plant on a table transformed our outside area from 'is this a junkyard?' to 'I can see this garden is unfinished but I also see that it is in progress'. That is the magical transformative power of succulents.

My second most recent purchase-- and by far the most high maintenance is my glorious variegated Rubber Plant. She is a thing of beauty, when Sam first saw it I justified the purchase by saying that to my artistic sensibilities the colour pattern looked like a chic watercolour and for his boy brain-- doesn't it look like army camo?? I saturated it in water the other day when I was repotting and the soil is already as dry as the sahara. It needs looking after, essentially. She's the Mariah of my houseplant family.

Directly opposed to my high maintenance Rubber Plant is my first plant purchase, top left in this photo-- my Zamioculcus. My god you guys, this is a plant for the nuclear apocalypse. It needs watering maybe once a month, maybe not. You can water it, or not water it, whatever... It's fine. It just  lives. I think mine may never die. When I first bought mine, it only had three little fronds and now it's up to nine-- I literally already need to repot it. It's not even just surviving, it's thriving ('Jurassic World'-esque look of horror/amazement here). If you're one of those people who kills every plant they touch, this is the one you want.

Top right is Sam's mum's old succulent she left for us, I think it may be long dead but I'm trying to bring it back. I'm not sure what happened to it really-- maybe it lived somewhere too shady? I might relocate it outside to see if it's happier.

Middle-left is a sweaty bottle of Baby's Breath. I like to buy a bouquet every now and again and then rotate out with another one as they add a bit of floral but aren't hard to keep going. This bouquet is about three weeks old and literally looks nearly the same as the day I bought it. Easy peasy.

Middle-right, lastly, is my little trailing Ivy. This originally lived in my kitchen where it was a bit too happy. It trailed on and over everything, and as it's a variety that can be irritating to skin I thought it would be best relocated. It now prettily guards the front door and adds a bit of greenery where Sam and I had previously ripped out all the shrubs. 

I'm desperate for a 'Mother in Law's Tongue' plant to add to my bathroom, but for now that's pretty much all the bases I want covered. All pushed together, this does slightly seem like a crazy amount of plants, but I have seen with my own eyes people who have ten times more than me and so I have no shame.

Until next time guys-- don't forget to water your plants!

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