Friday, September 30

Inktober and Harry Potter!

Hi all! I hope you're all well. Lately I feel as though my Tumblr account has been a bit neglected. It was once the mothership, but now it feels like a first born child that has moved to the big city that I don't see anymore (hi Sophie!). To remedy this, I have decided to embark on Inktober this year over there! I try to keep my Instagram neat and tidy and so doing the 90 Day Challenge over there really ground my gears, and so I thought the arty Tumblr community would be a much safer home for my October sketches.

Also, as the post suggests-- my Inktober this year is going to coincide with a long overdue Harry Potter re-read and so if you like your art a bit Potterific then @bearandcrocodile is the place you need to be!

If you are a Tumblr user and aren't following me over there already, please do-- I'm, and if not-- like with the 90 Day Project I'll be doing roundups on the blog now and then too.

Until next time, grab your PSLs and I'll see you on Tumblr!

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