Wednesday, September 14

All Signs Point to Panda

Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying September so far, I've been glad to get the hot weather as far away from me as possible and have been revelling in the chill to be frank! This week's Midweek Mammal was one of those that just seemed a bit serendipitous.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just seem to keep seeing things repeating wherever you go? For me, it's been Pandas popping up this week! I had three friends on Facebook share that article about how Pandas are no longer classified as critically endangered for one, secondly Sam and I have been looking into travelling to Edinburgh and you can't google Edinburgh tourism without hearing about the Pandas living at the zoo, and thirdly I just caught up on a Zoella vlog where-- you guessed it, she spots a real life Panda. As they say on Teen Wolf... Once is an incident, two is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. That's enough of an excuse for me, and so Panda it is!

I like to think that this is a nice mummy panda, because funnily enough it was Sam's brother's wedding anniversary last week and his sister-in-law Amanda, serendipitously, is also known as Panda. So this week is a mummy panda. Hope that's ok with all of you!

Until next time!

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