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8 Places to visit in Barcelona!

Hello everyone! Today is my final Barcelona post and I wanted to give you a round up of interesting things to do if you're visiting the city and need an idea or two. I've listed some places to eat, things to do and things to see, so read on to hear my picks!

1 - Best Ice CreamCremeria Toscana

In the summer, Barcelona is hot. You will want an ice cream. Sam and I were spoiled by the Gelaterias in Venice and so we've grown a bit picky when it comes to ice cream (we like a good mint choc chip... It's my dairy-free kryptonite). The best place we found in Barcelona and visited multiple times was 'Cremeria Toscana'. There are two branches of it in town, both open late. Is it a bit wrong to be flogging an Italian ice cream parlour in my Barcelona recommendations? No. Ice cream is ice cream, and this place was the best.

Find them here: Auténtico Helado Italiano Artesanal en Barcelona, Tiendas en la C/ Muntaner 161 (T. +34 93 539 38 25) y C/ Princesa 26 (T. +34 93 185 44 67)

2 - Best Light Dinner - Pikio Taco

I know what you're thinking, 'Steph, now you're flogging Mexican food-- where's the authenticity?!'

I get it, that's to come! Scroll down and it's there. For now, please admire the beauty of Pikio Taco and stare lovingly into the nachos. They have veggie options too, which I loved, and they're a great light dinner option for when it's hot and muggy and you want a dinner but don't want to have to suffer for it. It had a great vibe, all the food was whipped up fresh in front of your eyes and they did fab cocktails too.

Find them here: Pikio Barcelona, Carrer de Còrsega, 376, 08037 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934 57 32 52

3 - Best Mojitos Cactus Bar

By no means am I an alcoholic in any way, but I do like a bevvy when I'm on holiday. I would say we went out for Mojitos nearly every night and tried a real variety. There were tons of contenders for best Mojitos, including the Lolita bar by the seafront off La Ramblas (delicious, quite a long walk out the way though) and also Cornelia & Co in town (also perfect, but really more of a restaurant and a bit unwelcoming, although instagrammable). The accolade this time has been handed to Cactus Bar, because although it was a little bit more on the seedy side, it had really good going out-out vibes if that's what you're after. It's right in the middle of the foodie district too, so not a bad place to find yourself wound up at the end of the night!

Find here: Passeig Del Born 30, Rec 3808003 Barcelona

5 - Best CocktailsThe Dry Martini Speakeasy

Directly on the flip side of that, if you're the kind of person that likes to feel like they're an extra in a bond movie on holiday then The Dry Martini is the place for you. The waiters and 'mixologists' wear lab coats and bow ties, the walls are decked in paintings of babes reclining in Marie-Antoinette flutes and the cocktails are complex and artisanal. The perfect place for a grown-up evening-- just make sure you don't miss the last train!

Find them: Calle Aribau, 162, 08036 Barcelona, Spain. Phone: +34 932 17 50 80

6 - The Best Market La Boqueria, La Ramblas

Here we are people, authenticity in spades! La Boqueria market off of La Ramblas is truly a sight to behold. Bustling, urban, it will make you feel like you're living a Rachel Khoo life. Bring a wicket basket and your loose euros and have a good old stroll.

Find it here: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona

7 - Best Paella - Travel Bar

My cousin Kerry is a real international traveller type, and when I told her I was visiting Barcelona  she couldn't recommend Travel Bar to me enough. As the name suggests, it's a real melting pot of people who have travelled to Barcelona from all around the world coming together to get a bit of culture. Kerry recommended the Paella Making Experience to me, and it wound up being one of the holiday highlights by far. It's €32 per person so not super cheap, but for that you get shown around the market where you buy all the fresh Paella ingredients, brought back to an open kitchen where you're shown how to whip up a few authentic dishes and instructed how to make the perfect Sangria. Bottomless drinks, limitless paella, and the chance to wear a chef hat? I was all in. I fully recommend it.

Find them: Carrer de la Boqueria, 27, 08002 Barcelona, Spain Phone: +34 933 42 52 52 (definitely book in advance!)

8 - Best Place to Wander - Plaça de Catalunya

I think it's fair to say that Plaça de Catalunya is sort of the Barcelona equivalent to Oxford Circus Station in London. It's in the middle of everything, home of all the good shops, and also a pretty good indicator of Barcelona architecture. Sam and I wandered for probably two hours (admittedly looking for the two Brandy Melvilles, thanks Sam!) and there is tons to see. There are Gaudi sprinkles everywhere and art around every corner so plenty to see in amongst the hubbub of commuters and tourists alike. Don't be afraid of the touristy bits!

Find it: Plaça Catalunya Estació

That's the end of my Barcelona guide and my Barcelona posts, I hope you enjoyed them-- I've been missing the weather.

Until next time,

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