Friday, September 30

Inktober and Harry Potter!

Hi all! I hope you're all well. Lately I feel as though my Tumblr account has been a bit neglected. It was once the mothership, but now it feels like a first born child that has moved to the big city that I don't see anymore (hi Sophie!). To remedy this, I have decided to embark on Inktober this year over there! I try to keep my Instagram neat and tidy and so doing the 90 Day Challenge over there really ground my gears, and so I thought the arty Tumblr community would be a much safer home for my October sketches.

Also, as the post suggests-- my Inktober this year is going to coincide with a long overdue Harry Potter re-read and so if you like your art a bit Potterific then @bearandcrocodile is the place you need to be!

Wednesday, September 28

Midweek Mallard

Hi all! Happy Wednesday, I hope you've had a good week so far. I know mine has been busy and all over the place but that can't be helped! This week I was really inspired to draw another Autumnal animal for Midweek Mammal. Whenever I think of Autumn I remember walking in the woods when I was little with my Nan and Grandad's old Spaniel, Sammy-Dog, in the Sussex countryside. Crisp Autumn leaves, conkers aplenty, and a diversion home past the duck pond to find the best acorns.  That old English ambience is epitomised to me by the humble Mallard, who would diligently take my scraps of baguette every time.

Monday, September 26

8 Places to visit in Barcelona!

Hello everyone! Today is my final Barcelona post and I wanted to give you a round up of interesting things to do if you're visiting the city and need an idea or two. I've listed some places to eat, things to do and things to see, so read on to hear my picks!

Sunday, September 25

Top Tips for a Happy Life #34

Hello everyone, I hope you're well! As well as being the week when Vogue heralded the death of love  re: Brangelina, it was also the death (slight dramatisation) of summer! With the Autumn Equinox now come and gone Summer has been bid adieu, despite the perfectly sunny weather today. I for one can't cope with summer and so I'm more than glad it's passed, and so this week brings tidings from F. Scott Fitzgerald to help us bring in the new season with cheer.

Wednesday, September 21

Big blue eyes, Pointy nose

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a good day. I spent the day in Rye and had a marvellous time, so am feeling all nice and cosy at home this evening after being out by the sea. This week's Midweek Mammal was a conscious decision to paint something Autumn-y as I felt the urge in my bones.

Monday, September 19

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Hello again! Of course after my last Barcelona post, some of you may think I'm a bit of a Barbarian. A whole post going on about the majesty of Gaudi and no mention of the Sagrada Familia? I was playing it cool, guys. It's here!

My goal with these Barcelona posts is really to share fab places to visit for whenever you're in the city, so you don't wind up like we did-- twiddling our thumbs the first three days because we're all busy with jobs and forgot to do our homework before jetting out. Is the Sagrada Familia an obvious pick? Yes! But you can't spend a week in Gaudi-town and not go. It's an affront to his memory. Almost as much of an affront as intentionally not finishing the cathedral's construction in order to wheedle money out of tourists? Anyway! After over a hundred years it's yet to be completed, but Gaudi did once say when pressed about the wait, that his 'client isn't in a rush'. So, that's that! Moving on!

Sunday, September 18

Top Tips for a Happy Life #33

Hi all! Firstly, 33 is a satisfying number isn't it? I think it's because it reminds me of being at school and solving equations with .33333 recurring. Is that bizarre? 

Anyway-- secondly, Poldark is back and I am pleased as punch. Anyone who knows me out in the real wild world will know I was a Poldark fiend last year and ever since. I would try and bully people into swapping shifts with me so I could have Sunday nights free, and every time I visited Sam's dad's house and they had a Radio Times on the table I'd scrabble though it like a woman possessed. It just wasn't clear when it was coming back on TV and I needed to know. Well, fortunately for me and everyone else-- it's back now, hoorah!

Friday, September 16

Cheat's Ratatouille

Hi everyone! First and foremost let me apologise to any French readers this post may offend. I once saw someone advise that you have to put Worcestershire Sauce in Bolognese and it made me feel physically ill so I understand the pain of someone bastardising your cultural heritage. My Ratatouille will not be authentic, sadly, but it is quick and easy and a recipe that I wanted to share today so please forgive me. It's originally called a Peasant's Dish so please consider me a peasant that perhaps got lost at sea. In the worst case scenario, we can all agree that this probably isn't 'real' Ratatouille but it is a delicious vegetable dish for cosy autumn nights. With that in mind, let's get to it!

Wednesday, September 14

All Signs Point to Panda

Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying September so far, I've been glad to get the hot weather as far away from me as possible and have been revelling in the chill to be frank! This week's Midweek Mammal was one of those that just seemed a bit serendipitous.

Monday, September 12

Park Güell, Barcelona

Hello everyone! As you may remember, I recently travelled to Barcelona with all my pals and thought it was about time to share a few pics! I had never been before, but was travelling with my good friend Jen who is a seasoned Barcelona pro, and so I wanted to share with you the places we went that I thought were well worth visiting. Firstly-- I'm just going go right in. You have to visit Park Güell. It's one of the most cliche tourist sites in Spain but honestly it is just stunning. It's not like the lakes in Cumbria, which are beautiful but sort of samey-- you will not see anywhere like Park Güell in the world.

Sunday, September 11

Top Tips for a Happy Life #32

Hi all! You may or may not know that I like to scavenge these Top Tips from all kinds of unlikely sources, and this week is no different. 

I've been really into's 'I'm a...' series on youtube which features all kinds of people from weird and wonderful trades explaining what they do for a living. They've featured professional mermaids, Moulin Rouge dancers, Samurai Hairdressers, and my favourite, Inka Siefker-- a Circus Performer!

Friday, September 9

Meet My House Plants!

Hi all! Am I crazy for doing this? No? Personally I love to see what people have in their homes and as you will well know I'm a bit nuts for house plants recently and thought I would share my stash. Is it a relatively small selection? Perhaps. I like to think that its curated.

Wednesday, September 7

The Grey Grey Hound of Home

Afternoon all! This week's Midweek Mammal was inspired by my love for dogs that look both majestic and hilarious (see Pekingnese for further reference of this phenomenon). I had a jolly old lady live next door to me when I was very young and she had a dopey and charming greyhound that kept her company. God knows his name, I think it was something like Vincenzo, but he was a gallant and hilarious dog that brought much joy.

Monday, September 5

August Favourites

Hello everyone! I have another favourites post for you today, this time around it's been the jolly old month of August. It was an absolutely packed month for me, mostly because of work, and yet looking back I can't seem to pinpoint anything that happened. That being said, I did still manage to remember all my favourites to share with you now :)

Sunday, September 4

Top Tips for a Happy Life #31

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well this week. I've been busy like always and really feeling it! I decided this week to do a little Willy Wonka tribute to Gene Wilder as he was just one of those incorrigible characters that stuck with me when I was younger.

Friday, September 2

September Mixtape

Morning one, morning all! I hope you all enjoyed September: Day One. I'm definitely an Autumn person so I'm thrilled that summer is well on the way out.

I've noticed in my analytics that you guys actually quite like my mixtape posts and so I thought I would whip you up another one for the month of September. I've gone for a bit of a transitional vibe... Songs to listen to at the end of a warm day as the night just starts to draw in. Or, if you're like me, to listen to on the way to work because you can't cope with Nick Grimshaw first thing in the morning. Whatever floats your boat!