Sunday, August 28

Top Tips for a Happy Life #30

Hi everyone! I decided to do something a little bit different for today's 'Top Tip', seeing as it was number 30! Today's quote is actually from 'Wuthering Heights'-- which, granted, is not what I would call a self-help book by any means.

I've been rereading it recently, and the edition I currently have has a really interesting foreword which explains a lot about the life of the Brontë sisters, which has given the novel a new lease of life in my eyes. I don't know about you guys, but when I first read Wuthering Heights many years ago, I came at it thinking it was essentially your tried and tested Pride and Prejudice old school love story. This meant that when I came to reading the novel I struggled to wade through all the emo and bitchiness, eyes peeled for the flanter ('flirty banter') that never came. Now that I'm rereading it in the knowledge that it's essentially about self-destructive, self-obsessed mentally disturbed essentially demonic siblings it makes a lot more sense.

For instance, the scene where Heathcliff inexplicably tries to hang Isabella's puppy and essentially no cares, when I first read it I was like-- excuse me? On second reading that's essentially what's so intriguing about the novel. Emily Brontë just slips in so much violence, abuse and sadomasochism without expanding on it or any real reaction from any of the characters, that on first reading I just couldn't understand who the hell the people were. The foreword of the novel essentially states that this easy response to the domestic craziness is actually very revealing into what life was like in the Brontë household-- it wasn't a walk in the park! If you look to the characters as romantic figures, the novel is a discombobulated mess, but if you read them as capital 'R' Romantic, i.e. the Byronic sort of Romantic that old Darcy could only dream of, then the novel is really an interesting insight into the chaotic, destructive and obsessive power of 'love' (or should I say, 'infatuation'? 'Attachment'?)

Anyway, I just thought, apropos to all that, 'honest people don't hide their deeds' was a good mantra to consider for everyday life. Unless your birthday is coming up and someone is planning a secret party, there's no reason for people to be dishonest. Be open! Be truthful! Don't be like Catherine and Heathcliff, they suck!

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