Sunday, August 21

Top Tips for a Happy Life #29

Hi everyone! This week's Top Tip is a thoughtful sentiment I found via @shopmiroja on Instagram. I just thought it was a nice little idea to put you in good spirits on this fine Sunday :)

I often look for quotes and inspiration on Instagram (avoiding the usual 'be you, live ur dreams' ones that crop up on fitspo accounts) and this one in particular caught my eye. We all love a good cactus, so isn't it nice to think they love us back? We used to have various cacti on the tables at work last year, and I tell you, whenever I tripped over the gravel and landed hand-first on top of one it didn't feel like love. If only I had known then what I know now :)

Until next time! I hope you've been enjoying having the extra post per week!

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