Wednesday, August 24

The World's Largest Land Animal

Hi everyone! Sometimes I struggle to think of ideas for 'Midweek Mammal' posts, despite the vast variety of mammals out there. It's like when someone asks for your favourite song of all time and suddenly you forget every song you've ever heard all your life.

This week, I just thought, "I don't know what to draw... What's the bloody biggest?" And I can tell you now-- The largest land mammal in the world is the African Bush Elephant. They are beautiful creatures, majestic and sort of sleepy looking simultaneously. I decided to pair my Elephant this week with a Mother-In-Law's-Tongue plant.

Avid readers may have noticed that I generally I try to vary the plant background of these posts, and usually the decision is dictated by whatever plant I particularly want that week. I've been doing up our bathroom recently and I feel like this could be the plant to finish the whole thing off. I'm at the point now where nearly every room in the whole house has a plant in it (bedroom and downstairs loo next on my hit list), but I don't have any cool spiky plants yet so I'm keen to expand. Am I mad? Can you ever have too many plants? Actually, don't tell me. I'll probably keep buying them anyway.

Until next time!

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